Greek School of Language

We welcome you to the Greek school at Nativity of Our Lord Orthodox Church, Ελληνικό απογευματινό σχολείο, Γέννηση του Κυρίου.
We are accepting registrations for the school year 2023-2024.
The school operates every Wednesday evening with classes in person starting at 5:45pm.
We will continue to hold virtual classes as needed. We have qualified teachers that can teach the Greek language from kindergarten through working adults. Greek dances will be taught once a month at the end of class.
We can prepare students to take the exam of Ellinomatheia through the university of Thessaloniki. Students that pass the exam earn a certificate of attainment in the particular level and can apply for exemption from a foreign language class in college.
For more information and questions you may have,
please call Athanasia Dacey at 571-359-0249, or you can email at: